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We are an integrated digital marketing agency, and we pride ourselves on our technical expertise, creative flair, and ability to derive actionable insights from data. We are a team of passionate youth who believe in the value of hard work and execution.

Skills & experience

Skilled Team of Creators

If you are searching for an expert digital marketing company in Delhi to enhance your business, Acervate Magnetic is a well-equipped digital marketing company to help you. Acervate Magnetic Digital is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi. As a Google Partner Company we are trusted by many business firm. Over the years Acervate Magnetic has magically grown from a standalone company to a team of highly proficient and talented professionals offering a multitude of skillsets. Our commitment to provide high-quality digital Marketing services has helped us building a fertile base of satisfied clients and recurring customers in the international waters. Business owners across industries confide in the digital marketing services that we provide. Starting from website development, social media marketing, and SEO, to graphic designing, we offer a 360-Degree Digital Solution to your digital marketing needs.

What service am I providing?

Brand Identity

Brand identification is creating a unique and memorable identity for your brand that reflects its personality, values, and message . It helps you to differentiate, attract, and retain customers

Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing are different but related functions that generate revenue. Sales sells products or services for money, while marketing creates and communicates value and demand. They have different objectives, strategies, actions, and scopes, but need to work together.

Data analytics

Data analytics is using data to gain insights and optimize marketing strategies. It helps digital marketers to understand, analyze, optimize, create, evaluate, research, develop, and build trust with customers. It requires setting objectives, choosing tools, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and testing data.

Business development

Business development service in digital marketing is helping organizations achieve their goals using digital channels. It involves developing, executing, and aligning digital strategies, activities, and opportunities with clients and stakeholders. It requires digital marketing knowledge, networking skills, communication skills, and analytical skills.


Copywriting service in digital marketing is using words online to achieve goals. It involves writing, optimizing, creating, developing, and measuring content for various platforms, strategies, and campaigns. It requires digital marketing knowledge, adaptability, creativity, research, and communication skills.

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A Perfect stop for Enthusiastic Business owners just like you, Acervate Magnetic Communications is a full-service Advertising, Digital MarketingCompany.